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The Staff

Sarah and Mollie met at a gym and became instant friends. After realizing how their goals aligned, they decided to work together to create their dream space. Combining their knowledge and passion, Soul Fuel began. 

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Sarah Elise
Co-Owner, CPT, Nutrition Coach


After devoting over a decade of my life to the Pennsylvania and Ohio public school systems, teaching and coaching in three districts over the course of fifteen years, earning tenure in two along with a Master of Science in Education, I gracefully bowed out of the industry in 2018, earning the “Most Influential Teacher” award from the Fredericktown High School’s graduating class upon my leave.

Though I’m no longer grading papers, correcting grammar, and barking plays on the sidelines, Nutrition and Fitness have always been the foundation of my core and now have become priorities and passions of mine.   I’ve taken decades of experiences interacting with thousands of personalities and transferred my influential skill set from the classroom, court and field to the gym and kitchen.  


My range of expertise is far greater than most anyone in the area.  As a former Division II collegiate athlete, as well as a former Middle / High School women’s basketball, softball, and volleyball coach, I’ve trained young athletes, novice and college-bound, increasing their strength, agility, footwork, balance, fundamentals and confidence.  Now, as a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, I’ve not only worked with preschool-aged children but also clients into their eighties, pregnant and postpartum moms, cancer patients, post-operative lap-band clients, couples seeking higher sex drives, and even grown-ass men. I don’t discriminate when it comes to taking on a willing client with goals and consistency. 


Offering a unique and contagious energy, I have always strived to inspire others with positivity, strength, determination and resilience.  Whether it’s devising creative and challenging customizable workouts, crafting ridiculously delicious healthy meals, or helping clients reach their most unattainable goals, my number one priority is optimizing your time in the most important aspects of your life.  


Let me help you FUEL your SOUL!

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Mollie West
Co-Owner, Master Esthetician, Certified Nutritionist, Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Sound Healer, L2 Certified Aromatherapist


Mollie always knew that she wanted to work in the health and wellness industry. After earning her MBA and years of working in corporate, she began creating and selling her own line of skin care products. Shortly after, she decided to become an esthetician. She takes a holistic approach to skin care to guarantee that all ages, all skin types glow naturally. 

Mollie's passion for yoga and nutrition led her to become a certified yoga instructor and certified nutritionist. Leading yoga classes that connect your body and mind, while exploring and acquainting with your inner self is her calling. Nutrition has always piqued an interest and learning how to help people eat healthy, whole foods as they heal from the inside out, seemed like a natural journey. Intertwining her knowledge in skin, yoga, and nutrition as well as holistic methods helps her build a healthier, more balanced you. 

Mollie specializes in taking a whole body approach to wellness. Whether you need guidance in nutrition, crave some self care with yoga, or are concerned about your skin health, she can help you find solutions for your personal journey. She is constantly learning new skills and increasing her repertoire so that you have the best experience possible. Join her in one of her yoga classes, schedule an appointment for skin care or a nutrition consultation, or just simply enrich your life with sound healing or aromatherapy and see how she can help you find the best version of you!

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